Unfortunately, it appears that all of the higher quality versions of Ballet Mécanique have been removed from YouTube due to copyright violations. There is a version below that is uncropped (as the version we watched in class was) and, sadly, in two parts. They may also force you to watch a commercial before you can watch the second part (ironic?).

The pun in the pearl necklace sequence simply points to the relation of the zeroes to the necklace mentioned in the word—one can read it as deconstructive but also playful with regard to the relation of language and image—as well as associations with the shape of the yoke. (Sorry, I really was tired today!)

Here is a good write up about the soundtrack to Ballet Mécanique

I prefer showing it with the “original” soundtrack because it makes people mad.

Here is a decent print but weirdly colorized, and with a contemporary score.


A less cropped print in two parts


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